Who we are :

HB Mills (Huileries Bouricha & Fils) was established in 1938 by Ameur Bouricha, member of the International Federation of Olive Growers and founding member of the Association of Olive Oil in the Tunisian region of Sfax.  Mr. Bouricha has passed down his high expertise in tasting and olive oil making from one generation to the next.

The third generation of the Bouricha family has invested in new machines for its production facilities in Sfax (region in the south of Tunisia) as well as created a new production unit in the North to widen its product range and to give it access to a greater variety of olives.

Under the name of SOCAB, both production units aim to produce the highest quality olive oil possible.  The olives come solely from Tunisia.  All of the olives are hand-picked off the tree, and immediately extracted the artisan way as well as cold-pressed, neither heat nor chemicals are used to crush the olives and to extract the oil.  Plus, the olive oil is then unfiltered so that fruit sediments fall to the bottom naturally.  The olive oil from the Bouricha mills is high quality 100% olive juice.

HB Mills guarantees you an uncompromised and a high quality olive oil that will add flavor to your foods and be good for your body.